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What is Tyger?

The quality of our information directly affects the quality of our freedom.

Tyger is a news aggregation site that puts the readers in charge of finding the news they are after quickly and easily, and helps writers to get their stories out there quicker.

Heard it before? Well, this is slightly different from the likes of Reddit and Digg.

Who has the time to sift through the fluff and faux-news to get to the truth? We focus only on the most important, most relevant news, presented up front and center to readers and with fairness for the writers.

Tyger uses quantitative ranking algorithms and ‘crowd wisdom’ to ensure that only the real news stories that matter make their way to the top.

There are enough ‘frills’ from the celebrity world and ‘spills’ from the latest reality TV show on other sites. Here you will find only the news that keeps you informed of what’s going on in your world, with absolutely no cute stories about cuddly puppies!

Who is it For?

News Junkies – who simply want to get the best news in the shortest amount of time, without newsroom or moderator bias, or a government agency sanitising it.

Social News Hounds – who like to create the stories, share them, and make money for doing what they love. By sharing your news, you open the door to contributions, recognition and growing status as a writer.

What Makes Tyger Different?

‘If a message or story is important enough, it gets heard... which is the way news should work.’

Tyger uses a brand new algorithm of ‘exponential vote buying’, designed at the University of Chicago’s Department of Economics. It delivers the most equitable group decisions, and we use this to rank stories more fairly:

  • A token amount of $1 is required to affect the ranking of a news story.
  • After the weekly news cycle is over, the $1 is returned. This limits spam, trolls, vote brigading, censorship, and emotional appeal to action for fake or misleading stories.
  • Your CAN use two shares or more. However, the cost increases exponentially i.e., the first share is $1, the second is $2, the third is $4, the fourth is $8, etc. This limits a single person’s influence.

In this way it is highly unlikely that the system can be gamed by anyone with an ‘agenda’ for free publicity... after all 20 votes would cost more than $1 million. If a message or story is important enough, it gets heard... which is the way news should work.

How it Works

It’s easy to join the journalism revolution...


  1. Register for FREE
  2. Upon confirmation of registration LOG IN to start reading news stories
  3. Deposit money to vote for news stories
  4. Vote for and comment on the top stories
  5. Receive your money back at the end of the weekly news cycle


  1. Register for FREE
  2. Submit your news stories
  3. Await voting to see how your story does each week
  4. Get paid

What are They Saying?


If Tyger can find a way to financially reward (using the money that people are willing to tip in thanks for good content) not only those who post good content, but those who upvote it before they see it (or otherwise help make it so that they see it), then I believe the website can become a great success. - PRA
I think Tyger has great potential. I like the way people have to think carefully on how they vote because its costs. - properal


Multiple submissions of the same story: the shareholders will likely back the first post so resubmissions are at a disadvantage out-of-the-gate. But if you choose a %*&!$ title for the original submission and some english major resubmits it with a better one and you miss out, too bad. In fact, this might be more profitable for them than working at starbucks ;) If this takes off, the media [...] will see this as an opportunity and use it to as a way to monetize their stories. Think about it, what good is a $.00002 click-thru ad when you can realize the true market value of an exclusive? - asherp


No top stories about celebrity nose jobs or kittens stuck up trees!

Real news – plain and simple.


Why ‘exponential’ vote buying?

It creates a fairer system that is reflected in real stories coming out top rather than those that a few people want to see do well. An ‘exponential’ system provides a gentle curve for smaller votes, i.e. $1, $2, $4 as opposed to a ‘quadratic’ system, which would be $1, $4, $9.

Can I cancel a vote?

Yes. Just vote in the opposite direction to bring your total number of votes down to 0. The arrow will change color and you will be refunded.

Is it free?

It is free to post or comment.

Can I submit my own blog as news?

Yes, you may. The same rules apply.

What if George Soros wants to push a story?

He could, but remember that just 20 votes costs more than $1 million.

Remember... It’s Quick and Easy to Become Part of a Revolution in Journalism...