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You know that a well-informed society is a free society, and you don't have time to sift through the fluff and faux-news that invade your consciousness. That's why you want the most important, relevant news presented up front and center. With Tyger, you get that and more. Using quantitative ranking algorithms along with crowd wisdom, only the best news makes its way to the top. Each user who has a say must present a token amount, thereby reducing or eliminating bias. Any one who feels strongly about the importance of a story is still free to emphasise it, thereby reducing or eliminating censorship as well. Others who may not feel as strongly about the importance of a story are compensated for their time.

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News Junkies (Consumers)

Tyger helps you get the best news this week in the shortest amount of time. There is no fluff or media circus to sift through, and no one newsroom, moderator, or government agent is able to control your information diet with subtle propaganda and selective editing. Be a part of the journalism revolution, and sign up to have a say in which stories matter the most.

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Finding and sharing the best content has never had a better reason. If your story has enough popularity, there is a fairly good chance that you could make money with it. Just by sharing, some people will naturally want to contribute to your cause, or promote for recognition, or to tip you directly. Instead of receiving magical internet points, you can get real money from your hard work of scouring the web for the best news available. Sign up today to start submitting articles. No payment is required.

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Using a year-old algorithm designed at the University of Chicago department of Economics for corporate governance, quadratic share buying is designed to maximize shareholder value and result in the most equitable group decisions. A token amount of $1 is required to affect the ranking of a news story, and after the weekly news cycle is over, the $1 is returned. This limits spam, trolls, vote brigading, censorship, and emotional appeal to action for fake or misleading stories. People are still free to use two shares, or even more, however, the cost increases exponentially in either direction so any one person's influence is limited. The first share is $1, the second is $2, the third is $4, the fourth is $8, etc. If a message or story is important enough, it can still be heard, and those who disagree can be compensated for their mindshare. In this way, the marginal value of additional shares can obtained, yet the benefit is spread to all.